Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Production: Summer in Vancouver

April 26, 2023by adminbusinesscorporate


From extended daylight hours and temperate weather to unique events and jaw-dropping natural scenery, summertime in Vancouver provides endless opportunities to capture stand-out footage for all your video production needs.

As springtime brings sun to the city, Vancouver locals are gripping their paddle boards in anticipation of the fast-approaching summer weather. For the film and video industry, however, summer also brings business to mind! From extended daylight hours and temperate weather to unique events and jaw-dropping natural scenery, summertime in Vancouver provides endless opportunities to capture stand-out footage for all your video production needs. Whether you’re investing in production for video marketing content, commercial advertising or anything in between, read on to find out why summertime in Vancouver is the setting you need.

Temperate Weather

You may or may not know already, but the City of Vancouver is actually part of a temperate rainforest. In fact, British Columbia contains about 25% of all the world’s temperate rainforests! As a result of our unique geography, we have particularly high rainfall throughout much of the year, but we’re known for our gorgeous, mild summers. With temperatures averaging 20-27°C and minimal rainfall, between June until as late as September conditions for filming outdoors are ideal. With our exceptionally pleasant weather, you’ll get the stunning shots you want while your cast and crew enjoy comfortable working conditions.

Extended Daylight Hours

More daylight means you have more time to get your perfect shot! Due to our distance from the equator, throughout Vancouver summers you’ll see particularly long daylight hours. Throughout the summer months, the sun rises as early as 5am and sets as late as 9pm. If you’re keeping track, that’s 16 hours of daylight – 2 more than L.A.’s longest day! Not only will those extra hours help you save on lighting, during longer shoots they might even help shave a day or two off your production time.

Shoot your marketing content in the forests of Vancouver
A forest-lined path in Vancouver.

Locations Galore

It’s no secret that Vancouver has a wealth of picturesque scenery. From unique urban locations to stunning natural landscapes, the city and its surrounding areas offer the ideal setting for any production. Few places in the world can provide as diverse a range of locations as Vancouver, which is why it’s been able to masquerade as so many international settings. During the summer, particularly wide range of locations are at your disposal. Areas that may be difficult (or impossible) to visit over the winter months are much more easily accessible in warmer weather! Seascapes and mountainous backdrops, waterfalls and tree-lined backwood roads – all within earshot of a bustling city. Whatever your needs, Vancouver surely has the unique and beautiful setting your video marketing, commercial advertising content and beyond. 

Unique Events

Throughout the summer, Vancouver hosts a wide range of interesting outdoor events and festivals. The Vancouver Jazz Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Khatsalano Block Party, and world-renowned Celebration of Light fireworks competition are just a few of the events bringing the city’s summers to life. With this range of events comes unique opportunities for filming! If you’re looking too add some additional energy and excitement to your footage, any number of these events could offer the wow-factor you need. If you’re aiming for relatability, a sun soaked crowd’s enthusiastic faces will undoubtedly captivate your audience.

Aerial view of Downtown Vancouver at sunset.

Production Cost Savings​

Vancouver’s long daylight hours and mild weather also lend to lower production costs! Temperate weather and extended days reduce the need for artificial lighting, costly weather-proofing gear and pricey contingency plans. But the savings keep growing! The diverse range of locations that are easily accessible throughout the summer can save you the headache of expensive set construction and shorten your location scouting timeline. Not to mention, competitive tax incentives for filmmakers can greatly reduce your business’ production costs. While Vancouver may have a high cost-of-living, its competitive industry pricing remains the best value when compared to other global production centers like L.A., Prague, Buenos Aires and Columbia. In particular for North American businesses and content creators investing in video production, Vancouver is much more easily accessible than its international counterparts!


In these modern times, quality video content is vital for businesses to maintain their competitive edge. Nonetheless, between the costs and logistics involved, video production can appear daunting. Save yourself the headache – and your bottom line – by utilizing the unparalleled resources that Vancouver summers have to offer! With pleasant weather, unique range of events and stunning locations, extended days and competitive production costs at your fingertips, producing high-quality commercial advertising and video marketing content will seem like a breeze.

If you’re considering filming your next project in Vancouver, it’s a great idea to have some local, top-talent video professionals in your corner! With decades of experience in the Vancouver film and video industry and a passion for growing your business through exceptional video, our roster of creative professionals is will to help bring your visions to life. Contact us today for a free consultation!