We are CompanyMan
About Us
CompanyMan Production Services is a smaller, premier roadhouse outfit based in Vancouver and capable of servicing your shoot anywhere in Canada. From extreme locations to cars to kids, food and fashion, our experience spans over 20 years with every kind of location and studio project.
Very personalized service. We provide aggressive but realistic budgeting skills, and a rapid turn-around on quotes supported by detailed location photo files. And afterwards we deliver a rock solid wrap. So your accountants and controller will be as happy as your producer and director. Need to shoot a four day spot in three? We offer creative location and logistical suggestions. With a proven infrastructure, solid execution and a world class environment for you and your clients. Just need a Line Producer? We can supply one to work with your insurance and banking as well. We can customize our services to satisfy your needs and keep your budget in line. Need a DP? Or a Stills team? We have access to all the world-class shooters that work locally in Canada, from all around the world. Call John Durrant to find out more, or to help with your planning. +1.604.916.1748 [email protected]